WizzPass first to provide efficient COVID-19 screening solution for both staff and visitors on one complete system.

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Complete system that covers COVID-19 entry regulations for staff and visitors

For the foreseeable future, businesses will need to take precautionary measures against COVID-19 to protect their staff, contractors and visitors. As per government regulations, this includes a daily COVID-19 health-screening questionnaire and temperature reading of each person entering a building or facility.

Since April 2020 as new regulations came to light, WizzPass extended the WizzPass System to provide the first complete digital system for businesses to have real-time COVID-19 monitoring across their buildings (single tenanted or multi-tenanted) for both staff and visitors.

Efficient and complete COVID-19 screening

The WizzPass staff-screening solution allows:

  1. Employees to be pre-screened before they arrive at the office through their own employee dashboard.
  2. Touchless on-site screening and daily temperature readings captured for each employee on the WizzPass workforce system.
  3. Automatic COVID-19 alert notifications sent to health and safety officers and risk department members for flagged responses and high temperatures.
  4. Real-time digital COVID-19 screening reports available through the WizzPass dashboard.

Pre-screening COVID-19 questionnaire

The WizzPass employee dashboard allows employees to perform a daily online pre-screening COVID-19 assessment to quickly self-report their health status before their arrival to work, and to save time when checking-in on arrival.

The employee dashboard can be easily accessed via the employee’s mobile phone, laptop or PC (any internet-enabled device).

Various touchless check-in methods on arrival

Businesses have various on-arrival checkin methods to choose from. If the employee was not able to perform the self-assessment before arriving at the building, they can still complete their assessment on arrival.

Depending on the preferred process, businesses can choose which on-site check-in method suits each building the best:

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√ Touchless WizzPass Security Scanner

As the staff members arrives at the parking gate, building entrance, or reception area – security or health officers can make use of the WizzPass handheld scanner to scan the employee’s QR code on their “digital access card” (or do an employee lookup via email or employee number), record the employee’s answers to the COVID-19 assessment, mark if PPE requirements have been met (if required), and record the temperature reading for the staff member. Only once completed will the staff member be granted access onto the premises.

The handheld scanner can be used at access-points such as parking or reception areas and can be used to capture additional details and take photo’s if required.

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√ WizzPass Check-In tablet (with touchless check-in options)

As the staff member arrives at the reception or security area, staff can make use of the WizzPass check-in tablet to check themselves in at the building (multiple check-in options available such as employee QR Code, facial recognition or employee lookup). Alternatively, the tablet can also be controlled by security or health staff to manage the check-in process with the staff member.

If the staff member has not completed their daily pre-screening assessment, the system will automatically enforce the staff member to complete this on the check-in tablet (or on their own mobile device first) before being allowed to check-in to the building. If a temperature reading is taken at this point, and if PPE requirements need to be verified, then this can be recorded on the check-in tablet (or on the Receptionist Web Dashboard) for that staff member’s entry.

The WizzPass check-in tablet comes standard with a secure stand which can be used to place the unit on any security or reception desk, or the unit can also be wall-mounted.

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√ Touchless WizzPass Reception Dashboard

As the staff member arrives at the reception area, reception/security staff can use their WizzPass Dashboard at the reception/security desk (on their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone) to select the staff member for check-in, record the employee’s answers to the COVID-19 assessment, mark if PPE requirements have been met (if required), and then check the staff member into the building. If a temperature reading is taken at this point, then this can be recorded on the dashboard for that staff member’s entry.

The WizzPass web-dashboard can be used at security or reception desks by reception/security staff on a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone.

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√ Touchless self check-in through mobile phone

The staff member can also use their own smartphone (can be linked to client’s employee app) to check themselves into the building, thereby allowing a further completely touchless check-in option. This check-in will then immediately appear on the security/receptionist dashboard to allow for verification before entry (if required) and for input of the temperature reading.

Automatic COVID-19 Alert Notifications

Should any staff member have any undesired COVID-19 screening results or have a temperature reading above a certain threshold, then email and SMS notifications are automatically sent to key personnel including the company’s COVID-19 committee, risk departments, security and/or health officers.

Real-time reporting, tracking, and segmented analytics

All COVID-19 screening results can be viewed in real-time directly on the WizzPass dashboard to allow businesses to take the necessary action or precautions if there are any flagged results. All reports are also exportable and searchable using multiple filter options for ease of use and auditing or compliance purposes.

Easier COVID-19 contact-tracing and emergency response

WizzPass makes for easy contact-tracing in the event that a staff or visitor does test positive for COVID-19. The WizzPass system can also be used to see which other staff and visitors were on site during a certain date and time. Furthermore, if required an immediate emergency evacuation response message can automatically be sent by the WizzPass system to all personnel on site.

Used by various small, medium and large blue-chip businesses

WizzPass is already providing this efficient and robust screening-system to various small and medium businesses as well as large blue-chip clients across their building-portfolios. Health and Risk committees use WizzPass for real-time COVID-19 tracking across their business.

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Real-time dashboard, Visitor tracking, Block visitors, Visitor analysis