Facial recognition, unique identifiers and QR codes

Real-time dashboard, Visitor tracking, Block visitors, Visitor analysis

WizzPass offers multiple check-in streams for visitors

Not every visitor has the same preference, so why restrict your visitors to a single option of checking into your building? With WizzPass, you can allow your visitor the flexibility to choose their preferred way of checking into your building.

Visitors can decide on their preferred sign-in flow which includes facial recognition, ID/Passport number, mobile number or QR code.

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Facial Recognition

WizzPass uses the latest facial recognition technology to ensure almost perfect recognition rates. For first time users, if they have chosen the facial recognition check-in option, WizzPass performs our state of the art facial training technology to capture your face upon check-in. On your visitors next visit to the building, all they need to do is select “facial recognition” as their check-in option and the WizzPass system will automatically recognise their face in seconds and take you directly to their check-in to review their information and click “check-in”.

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ID/Passport/Mobile number

WizzPass provides the option for visitors to check-in using a unique identifier. If ID/passport number is used, WizzPass does a check on each ID number captured to ensure it is a valid South African ID number. If mobile number is used and it is required by the client, the WizzPass visitor system can trigger an OTP to the visitor to verify their mobile number on entry (the mobile number validity period is determined as per each client’s requirements).

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QR Code

Through the use of the pre-arrival email invitation or white-label smartphone visitor app, visitors can make use of the QR code to scan themselves in on the check-in tablet at the reception area. This will automatically check the visitor in and notify the host of the visitors arrival – another simple and quick check-in option for visitors.

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About WizzPass:

WizzPass is a team of passionate believers in providing cutting-edge innovation to create efficiency in the workplace – and then to continually improve upon that innovation so that our clients always have the best possible visitor solution working for their building’s needs. We are passionate about providing each of our clients with the best possible mix of convenience and security for the ultimate peace of mind in the way that visitors efficiently and securely pass in and out of their premises.

About the WizzPass System:

WizzPass is the ultimate visitor management system used by global blue-chip companies as well as diverse industry-specific companies in various geographies across the globe.

WizzPass provides the most complete and flexible visitor system that can easily and quickly be setup and customised to suit the exact needs of any stand-alone corporate offices, industrial & mining facilities, multi-tenant office buildings, office parks or estates.

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Real-time dashboard, Visitor tracking, Block visitors, Visitor analysis