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WizzPass Workspace Booking – optimise and streamline your workspace management

Many people have gotten used to working from home over the last year, but now that companies are opening their offices again, what does the future of our “workplace” life look like?

Facility Managers, Health & Safety Managers, Property Managers and C-Level Executives are all faced with a whole new set of challenges to think about for a safe and effective return to the office. How would you manage and optimise employee capacity per department, floor or per area? Which employees should be able to return to work? Which days of the week should certain employees be back at the office? How would an employee book a space or a desk?

A challenge or an opportunity?

These decisions can be difficult to make as it requires input from different stakeholders to find the ideal solution for each office space. Many companies, however, have turned this thinking around and are seeing this as an opportunity to streamline their office-space and better optimise their workplace. Now that employees are planning or have started returning to the office, this presents a great opportunity for companies to think about their own “workplace of the future” and in doing so, increase productivity and reduce costs in the long-term.

What is workspace booking?

The concepts of “smart desking” or “hot desking” are not new, and have been around for many years. However, when these concepts were created before the Covid-19 pandemic, the first systems were built for a large and mobile workforce that would want the ability to book a space in different offices from day-to-day.

However, the challenges of Covid-19 and the new “hybrid model” of alternating workdays between the home and the office, has provided a resurgence for the need for workspace booking systems. Office-space booking has quickly evolved and now allows you to allocate office-spaces according to Covid-19 social-distancing regulations, and present booking options to employees based on their seating preference, via real-time cloud-based software.

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Let employees choose.

Giving employees the power to manage their days and times within the office not only allows for accountability and higher rates of productivity but also ensures that the highest safety protocols are being practised. The ability to administer seating plans effectively and quickly with cloud-based software is going to be instrumental in how businesses manage their offices – now and in the future. These software systems should allow for immediate bookings and cancellations, thereby shifting the burden of administration away from office managers.

Optimisation and collaboration

Administrators should have oversight on which employees intend to be in the office at a particular time and should be able to allocate certain employees to book only in certain areas. This allows for effective planning and increased collaboration on projects between different departments and people.

Managers would no longer need to worry about paper-trails, and can now manage capacity, health-screening, desk-cleaning frequency and collaboration-planning on one system. This coupled with insightful analytics on space usage allows administrators to gain the control and oversight that they need now and in the future.

Flexible settings, but with secure controls

How do we monitor and deny access to an employee who has not made a booking, or who has not passed their Covid-19 screening? Should certain employees be allowed entry without having a booking? These are important questions for each company or office manager to consider.

Workspace booking software such as WizzPass, not only allows for real time monitoring but also seamlessly integrates with access control systems. This allows for complete control of who is in the office at a certain time and day. Employee access-mechanisms at the turnstile or door (such as access-card, facial recognition, etc) can be automatically blocked by WizzPass so that access to the turnstile or door is denied.

Going to the office might never be the same again, but that is a good thing.

By having workspace booking measures in place, it provides for more structure and control, but also fosters a democratic and transparent operating environment that allows employees to easily book and choose their own workspaces. At the same time, the company is setting itself up to optimise and streamline its workplace effectively, both for current and future needs.

WizzPass is a leading cloud-based workplace management system that allows you to effectively optimise your office space. The system is flexible and easy-to-use and is used at all types of offices, including large corporate buildings. To find out more about the WizzPass System, please get in touch with us.

Real-time dashboard, Visitor tracking, Block visitors, Visitor analysis