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Real-time dashboard, Visitor tracking, Block visitors, Visitor analysis

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Parking Reservation Management

WizzPass provides a seamless parking-reservation system that allows visitors to reserve a parking-bay for their meeting, and which provides a real-time dashboard to parking-area administrators.

In the pre-arrival booking confirmation that the visitor receives, they can click on a link to “Reserve a Parking Bay”, which then allocates a parking reservation for the visitor and if required – asks them to enter their vehicle registration number.

Administrators for each parking area can then see in real-time which upcoming visitors have reserved a parking-bay, and what time each of these visitors are due to arrive – allowing for better management of visitor parking bays.

Depending on the requirements of the client, on arrival at the parking area the WizzPass handheld scanner can be used to simply scan the vehicle’s license disk to pickup if the visitor has a booking for that vehicle. Alternatively the visitor can be asked to provide the first 3 letters of their email address, their phone number, or to simply provide a QR code for the security officer to scan (visitor would have received this QR code in their pre-arrival booking confirmation).

Real-time dashboard, Visitor tracking, Block visitors, Visitor analysis