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Real-time dashboard, Visitor tracking, Block visitors, Visitor analysis

Host Dashboard

Hosts can use their employee dashboard to book upcoming visitors. They simply just add their visitors’ email addresses and the date of the meeting and the bookings will be saved and sent. The host can also use this dashboard to edit or delete existing bookings, see all their own upcoming visits and see the history of their past visitors.

Reception Dashboard

Receptionists have a user-friendly Reception Dashboard to check visitors in and out of the building and to see a real-time view of current visitors, upcoming visitors and visitor history. Receptionists can also book an upcoming visit if required.

Administrator Dashboard & Reporting

Security and Building Administrators can use their Administrator Dashboard to view and manage single or multiple buildings in real-time. They can see a current list of all visitors per building, complete visitor reports of all past entries and exits, graphs of visitor numbers over time and can manage login permissions for other administrators and security personnel.

Administrators can also create their own scheduled reports to be sent to them at certain time or date intervals, such as every day, every week or every month. This allows the administrator to receive the automated reports directly to their inbox, without having to pull the report from their dashboard.

Block unwanted visitors

Administrators can make use of the Unwanted List function to compile a grey list of all unwanted visitors. These visitors will not be able to check into the building and security can be notified of their attempt to enter the building. Fields such as vehicle license plate, ID number, phone number or email address can be used to block an unwanted visitor.

Real-time dashboard, Visitor tracking, Block visitors, Visitor analysis