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Safety Induction before arrival

Visitors can save time on the day of their visit by completing their safety induction before they arrive. In the email confirmation received by the visitor before their meeting, the visitor can click on a pre-registration link (or can use the Visitor App if available) to pre-register their details and complete the safety induction before their arrival.


The visitor does not have to spend time registering their details and completing the safety induction when they arrive at the building – saving time for visitors and hosts, and reducing queues and congestion at the reception area.

Safety Induction management on arrival

On arrival, the Reception Check-In system will show whether the visitor has already completed the safety induction or not. If they have, the visitor does a simple check-in and they are free to proceed directly to their meeting. If not, the visitor will complete the safety induction on a tablet before proceeding past reception.

Customizable setup with Safety Video and Questionnaires

Safety Induction material can be setup according to the specific requirements of each building/location. This can include a safety video and safety questionnaire (related to the specific safety video) for each particular site. Safety questions can also be randomized so that a different set of questions is asked each time.

Safety Induction Reporting and OHS Compliance

With complete safety induction management on one system, all visitor safety compliance is adhered to, with timestamps of when each visitor last completed their induction. Reporting is real-time, and the reporting history is searchable by date, visitor, host, and building.

Safety Induction for visitors, contractors, employees

Different safety induction requirements can be setup for different types of people that require access into your buildings – such as visitors, contractors and employees. Safety Induction completion can be linked to access-rights and your access-control system to ensure that only compliant visitors, contractors or employees are able to enter the premises, to ensure that all people on site are fully OHS compliant.

safety induction management, visitor safety induction, visitor induction, safety induction, health and safety